A Toy (2.0MB)^Thomas Robinson

A Fancy (1.5MB)^John Daniel

Lord Willoughby's Wellcome Home (1.9MB)^John Dowland

The Spanish Pavan (5.3MB)^Alfonso Ferrabosco

La Rosignoll (2.3MB)^Anonymous

Echo Almain (1.4MB)^Francis Pilkington

A Dump (2.5MB)^Anonymous

Rogero (2.2MB)^John Johnson

Greensleeves (5.6MB)^Anonymous

Drewries Accordes (2.3MB)^Anonymous

Laveche Paven (2.8MB)^John Johnson

The Galliard to Laveche (1.9MB)^John Johnson

Almande Loraine (1.4MB)^Anonymous

Passemezo Galyard (1.5MB)^Thomas Robinson

My Lord Chamberlain, HIs Galliard (2.5MB)^John Dowland

7-course Lute in G = Martin Haycock 1990

Recorded on February 2004 at EMC Studio
Equipment : Tascam Pocket Studio 5

Player/Director/Engineer/Editor/Design : Kenji Sano

Copyright 2004 by The Early Music Company